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Hiit N Run Class Melton

HiiT & Run

The ultimate fast-paced cardio workout using bodyweight movements and equipment.

This class combines short intense bursts of exercise with rest intervals. By the end of the session, you’ll be sweating bullets and feeling amazing!

Hiit Extreme Class melton

HiiT Extreme

Extreme by name, extreme by nature! Get ready to go beyond your limits to achieve a crazy calorie burn. You’ll work through multiple rounds and stations with motivation from your coach. No workout is ever the same. Goodbye boredom!

Hiit Strength Class Melton

HiiT Strength

Designed to increase your overall strength with full-body, functional movements. This 45-minute session incorporates dumbbells, dead balls and kettlebells (and everything in between) to help you build muscle and burn fat – fast.

Hiit Upper Body Workout Melton

HiiT Upper Body

Tone, sculpt and strengthen your upper body in this killer HiiT class. With a focus on your back, chest, biceps, triceps and shoulders, you’re guaranteed to feel the burn. Sun’s out, guns out!

HiiT Lower Body Workout in Melton

HiiT Lower Body

Did someone say buns of steel? This workout targets legs and glutes with a variety of weighted and bodyweight movements.

Think squats, lunges and booty sculpting moves, designed to strengthen and tone.

HiiT Core Body Workout Class Melton

HiiT Core

A strong core is the foundation of fitness and it all starts here. As well as building core strength, this intense class will burn fat and improve your posture. We promise there won’t be too many planks… maybe. 😉

M60 HiiT Class


A hybrid 60-minute workout combining cardio, strength and conditioning. With sled pushes, tyre flips, kettlebells, rowing, cycling and more, M60 will get your heart rate going… and the results will follow!

Boxing Fitness Class Melton


Get ready for battle, because this isn’t your average boxing class! With a blend of partner pad work, bag work, cardio, core and more, this intense class provides a complete conditioning workout. You’ll leave feeling like you can take on the world… but you might need a nap first. 😉

Kettlebell classes melton

Kettlebell Blitz

Want a full-body, functional workout that builds strength and burns fat? This kettlebell class is for you. Swing, deadlift, row and squat your way to an amazing physique. This class combines lighter weights with higher reps to really get your heart pumping.

Booty Blast Class Melton

Booty Blast

Finally, a class that’s all about that peach! Tone and sculpt your best asset with targeted, booty-blasting moves. As well as getting you beach-ready, this class will help you build glute strength. With strong glutes, you’ll be unstoppable – on the track or in the squat rack.

Pilates Class in Melton


Tone, lengthen and strengthen muscles in our awesome mat pilates class. Pilates might look relaxing, but you’ll be surprised at how hard you work! Perfect for active recovery and for building a killer core.

Ultimate Abs Workout Melton

Ultimate Abs

They say abs are made in the kitchen, but they’re really made in this class! If washboard abs are on your fitness wish list, this class is a non-negotiable. Work through a range of challenging exercises, all designed to flatten, strengthen and tone your stomach.


Metafit is a high-intensity workout including a series of body-weight exercises with interval style training, designed to keep your body burning calories long after your training session is complete.


Metapwr is a thirty minute circuit class that combines resistance and bodyweight exercises to target and develop strength, power, agility, and cardiovascular efficiency

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