Membership Cancellation

We are sorry that you are considering cancellation of your Mick’s Gym membership. While we understand that you may have a very good reason for wanting to cancel, there are many great reasons to stay. The best reason to stay is your health! By staying fit, you have a much greater chance of living a longer, healthier and happier life.

To cancel your membership:

  1. Simply visit Mick’s Gym and fill in the cancellation form
  2. Return your door key

Please note that all accounts must be financially up to date & current including any previous late or failed payments. These amounts if any will be advised at the gym and will be required to be settled prior to cancellation. If you believe you may have outstanding fees and wish to get an amount prior to attending the gym please email

These amounts can be settled online also on our Payments page.

For those still in their minimum contract term if you wish to check dates & cancellation fees please email

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